The Annual Thanksgiving Snowmobile / ATV Swapmeet and Vintage Show

The Thanksgiving Snowmobile and ATV Swapmeet and Vintage Show was a good time. The weather was decent and we had lots of laughs.

We want to thank the vendors that rise early and make there way here and hope you were able to make some sales. The Vintage Enthusiasts did a great job again this year. We had many great sleds from days gone by here to check out and reminisce over. Stay tuned here as we will be posting pics. Also see the SnoTraveler article where we will have pics of the happy winners of the vintage categories.

The OVSC was able to sell many of NHSA Super Raffle Tix here at the Swapmeet and Vintage Show. We had this seasons grand prize here for everyone to ogle. Good luck to all that hold a ticket!

Thank you to all our volunteers that participated in making our visitors feel welcome, dished out chili and poured coffee.

As usual a big shout out to YANKEE SMOKEHOUSE!!! They are always available to help our club and area clubs events be successful.  Please visit them when you come through via trail or road.

Trail Work Parties

These past few weeks we have had trail work parties. We had one the Sunday after the Swapmeet also. Again we want to thank all you folks that are coming out to lend a hand. We hope that you are having a good time working outdoors on our trail system. When the snow flies you’ll now have a few more friends to ride with too.

General Membership Meeting 12/03/2016

Our December meeting is this upcoming Saturday night folks. If you are wanting to know what is going on please stop by. The meeting starts promptly at 5:00pm and lasts about an hour. Afterwards we usually chose a local eatery to go and have some dinner and shoot the breeze. You are welcome so don’t be shy.