The 2016/2017 Season is about to begin! / January 2017 Membership Meeting

To our Members, Friends and Families,

Well here we go! We are hoping that after all the work and preparation over this past summer and fall that the pay off will be a great season of riding.

We can’t say it enough, Thank You so much to all that pitch in to give a hand when we need to tackle the jobs that need to get done to maintain our club system. Now when you ride you can show your friends all the great improvements to the system we make to enhance those days out on the trail.


Hopefully as the season progresses we can report great snow pack and trail conditions. Please stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page for current conditions. We update these as soon as we can. Please remember that we maintain many miles of trail. We cannot report on every single mile. We have to get out into the system and eyeball what is happening so reports take time.

You know…being the experienced group that you are that the weather, location and elevation (snow, rain, temps) have a great impact on what will happen with each storm. To that, always expect the unexpected, thin cover, snow drifts, un-groomed trail, blown down trees, ice, rocks, roots etc.  As soon as we get the info we will post it but you know going into the trail system what you should expect…something unexpected. We also will report the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We hate to report the bad stuff but we want our visiting riders to know exactly what to expect to the best of our ability. We have a reputation that we think is good with regard to this. Hopefully (oh praise the great snow gods) that we can report nothing but excellent riding conditions this season. So remember to check the Trail Conditions Page and Weather Page. The Weather Page is an excellent resource. Explore it for forccasts and current snow depth reported by NOAA.


Remember PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! THAT NO ICE IS SAFE! We are surrounded by lakes and streams in this area. Many of our trails and surrounding clubs trails traverse lakes as part of their system.  Many times there are alternate routes to avoid lake and/or stream crossings. Please pay attention to truly how cold and for how long it has been. Always ere on the judgement of not safe.  Please pay attention to the potential for a current in the water. A current of moving water will inhibit the freezing solid of this area. Do not gather in one spot on the ice. The weight of people and snowmobiles could cause the ice to give way. Get to land…then stop to shoot the breeze. Watch the local news where local ice conditions may be given. See if ice fisherman have placed shacks if they have that is a good indication of good ice thickness. We want our visiting friends and families to have a fun and safe time this season so please be careful.


When you visit our local businesses please let them you heard about them from the OVSC. We want our local businesses to know we are doing the best we can to bring riders to our area to recreate during the winter.


Please respect our landowners wishes. Without their hospitality we would have a very small trail system. Please expect on our MULTI-USE Trail System… Hikers, Sled Dog Teams, X-C skiers etc. If someone ever looks to need some help please offer it. Share the Trail! Stay on the Trail!


Our January 2017 meeting is  Saturday the 7th. If you are wanting to know what is going on please stop by. The meeting starts promptly at 5:00pm and lasts about an hour. Afterwards we usually choose a local eatery to go and have some dinner and shoot the breeze. You are all welcome to join in so don’t be shy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the OVSC

Mark Debitetto / Trail Administrator