January 4th 2014 OVSC General Membership Meeting Held at OVSC Headquarters

Roll Call of Officers & Directors Present:

Attendance: Dave Bowles, Betty Bowles, Mitchell Gordon, Mark Galloway, Skip Christenbury, George Kaye, Joyce Watson, Fred Watson, Josh White, Mac Montague, Ann Montague, Randi Monroe, David Sweeney, Mark Debitetto

President Skip Christenbury brings meeting to order at 5:05pm.

Meeting agenda items discussion, additions or deletions:

Secretary’s Report:

Reading of the minutes by Acting Secretary Mark Debitetto of the Board of Directors Meeting held Dec 2013.

Skip C. / Entertains Motion      George Kaye / Motion to accept   Fred Watson / 2nd     Passes Unanimous

Treasurers Report 

Read by Mitchell Gordon

Treasurers Report is not complete at time of meeting. Attendees in agreement that Members Count and Check book Account Balance will be added to these minutes as soon as Mitchell Gordon has them.

Skip C. / Entertains Motion      Mark Debitetto / Motion to accept      Fred Watson / 2nd     Passes Unanimous

Jan 10, 2014     new memberships since last meeting 135. Total at this time total 279.

Check book Account Balance  9,038.61

Presidents Remarks

George Kaye…Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t make yourself sick. We have been trying thru the website and Facebook to get help. So far not much luck.

Trail Administrators Report

Everything is on track for this season. We will now start collecting groomer slips for each billing period to submit to Trail Bureau.

Discussed RTP Grant with George Kaye. Looks like RTP deadline has been moved from January to February and now March.

We will be discussing what to include/apply for in the grant during future meetings.

Skip C. / Entertains Motion     George Kaye / Motion to accept     Joyce Watson / 2nd    Passes / Unanimous

Trail Master Report:  

Ossipee Section/ George Kaye

“Great to see the snow early though overwhelming”

Snow and Ice has brought many boughs down into the trail. Grooming is slow as to not damage groomer.

Broke wiper mechanicals on Tucker in the tangle of branches. 125.00 To repair.

Trying to getting trimming done. So far Mark Galloway and Mark Debitetto have been able to go out with George to trim.

Dan Hartley was able to get the Prinoth out on Corridor 19 to pack snow. Barry Norcross has gone out and groomed the whole railbed from Colemans to The Mountain Grainery.

Discussion of White Lake Inn by Skip C. White Lake Inn has not provided a permission slip for their property trail. Per Mike Weeks thru Josh White the trail is to be marked closed till a permission slip is signed and delivered to the club. There is a concern that snowmobiles will be crossing the WhiteLakeState   Park roadways without the proper signage, grooming and permission slip in place for the trail terminus at the White Lake Inn. Many attempts have been made by Mitchell Gordon to get in contact with Steve Brown for the permission slips.

Discussion of the CountyBasket by George Kaye.

Discussion of the Turnaround Point for the Northbound Corridor 19 section where Corridor 19A intersects. George Kaye and Josh White will get the final decision on this soon.

Effingham Section / Mark Galloway

Mark will be going out to try and clear any low branches.

Discussion of the status of the Arctic Cat Bearcat. Mark feels that the Bearcat is not operable and probably finished its useful life.

Tamworth/Wonalancet Section: Dave Bowles

Dave, Jim Bowles and Tom Daley went out and worked towards Whiteface clearing low branches and downed limbs.

George Kaye discusses the addition of a pole saw mount for the drag so that while grooming the tool can be accessed when needed.

Dave has been grooming and packing his section.

Estimate on Super Wide Track. Needs Piston Kit, Crankshaft and Bearings. Estimate from Barton’s is between 1200.00 and 1400.00.

When the club gives the go ahead Dale has given a time estimate of about a week to complete the repair.

Skip C. / Entertains a motion to give the go ahead and work out a payment plan with Barton’s.

Motion to Accept / Dave Bowles      Randi Munroe / 2nd            Passes / Unanimous

Skip C. wants to thank Dave for using his own equipment to groom while the Club SWT is in repair. Big Help!

Discussion of trail work help during the off season. The club social networking people will continue to put out the word that trail work parties are needed.

Concessions Chair Report:

Randi Munroe reports that today January 4th was the first open day for the concession hut. 99.00 was brought in. The club spent 138.00 which represent provisions for 2 weeks. After the next open day and a sale of 39.00 the club will be in the black on these provisions.

Porti Potti has been delivered and is set up.

Volunteers are needed for the open days.

A check list for opening /operating is all set and available in the club office. A sign up sheet is posted in the club office. Skip C has posted the call for help on the website and will also put a sign up sheet on there. Skip also posted the request on Facebook.

Today there was a pot of chicken soup available, brownies and cookies thanks to our members.

Old Business:

Trail Maps: Mitchell Gordon reports that there has been slow response from some of the folks that have said they want to buy an ad on the map. We could just go to print and just pay a little more now without the few ads we are waiting for or just wait. The current maps are still selling well.

Skip C. recommends waiting a bit as the club is on the hook for the SWT bill at Barton’s. After discussion the consensus amongst the members in attendance is that we try to get more ads sold on the map before going to print.

George Kaye reports that the Landowner concerns of Dave Little have been addressed. All permissions have been signed. The sign post has been replaced.

New Business:

Dave Bowles discusses the Bowles Trail Section where a new house has been built and the trail / access road to it is being plowed. Dave would like to move the trail and has spoken to some landowners with this idea. This trail reroute would need to be about 1500’.

Further investigation and discussion will be done in the future.

Skip C. discusses a March General Membership and Potluck Appreciation Dinner for our Landowners.

Hold it at the South Tamworth Union Hall.

RSVPs letter on stationary thanking our landowners so that even if they don’t make it they will at least get recognition from the club thru the invitation.

Landowner of the Year award / gift?

Discussion by Mitchell Gordon of the snow piling issue at the Mountain View Restaurant. Found out that it was Town of Ossipee dumping snow on the tracks. This has been taken care of and should not happen again.

Mark Debitetto discusses RTP Grant and the needed information to get the package together i.e. Heritage and DES. Discussion overview of the areas /trail sections that the club will apply to repair and upgrade.

Skip C. suggests that a draft is brought to the February club meeting showing the areas / trail sections / bridge work needed to be applied for.

Skip C. / Entertain motion to adjourn           Fred Watson / Motion     Josh White / 2nd         Passes / Unanimous

Meeting Adjourned 6:00pm

October 5, 2013 OVSC General Membership Meeting Held at OVSC Headquarters 

Roll Call of Officers & Directors Present

Attendance: Dave Bowles, Mitchell Gordon, Mark Debitetto, Mark Galloway, Skip Christenbury, Sue Christenbury, George Kaye, Marie Kaye, Fred Watson

President Skip Christenbury brings meeting to order at 5:00pm.

Meeting agenda items discussion, additions or deletions

Reading of the minutes by President Christenbury of the Board of Directors Meeting held Sept 7, 2013.

Mark Debitetto / Motion to Accept        Fred Watson / 2nd     Passes Unanimous

Treasurers Report

Mitchell Gordon reports on those 49 members have made donations on top of their memberships. So far the donations amounts are outpacing the membership dollars.

OVSC Tax Returns are complete and have been submitted.

Ski-Doo SWT repair payments to Profile Power Sports are complete with last payment of 1000.00 made.

George Kaye / Motion to Accept        Mark Debitetto / 2nd     Passes Unanimous

Presidents Remarks

President Christenbury thanks George and Marie Kaye for their efforts at the grass drags. Their work brings in much needed funding to the club and also they are a great representation for the OVSC.

Presidents meeting where the topic of a multi state type of registration are in the beginning stages of discussion. This would be at least a couple of years out.

Presidents meeting where discussion of electronic registrations may be in the future and the effects this could have on distribution of funds to snowmobile clubs.

Presidents meeting where discussion of online snowmobile safety course could be offered in the future and the effect it could have on the OVSC.

President Christenbury and County Director George Kaye discuss new NHSA rule where by any incident involving a club groomer is prompting a claim must be reported to the NHSA within 14 days of the incidents occurrence.

Also the discussion brought forth by the NHSA expecting that clubs have in place at the least basic groomer operator requirements i.e. 21 years of age, training, etc.

Trail Administrators Report

Mark Debitetto reports that the Winter GIA package has been submitted to the club office. It will be signed off at the county meeting.

Also Mark and Mitchell Gordon make all present aware that the Surety Bond holder that the club uses for BOT Registration Sales was this year requiring Board of Director co-signer to maintain the policy. Mark and Mitchell had the OVSC insurance agent at Chalmers investigate a new bond holder that would not require a co-signer. The agent was successful. The previous cost was 125.00. The new cost is 225.00

Trail Master Report:  

Ossipee Section/ George Kaye ….

Corr 19 washout just north of Center Ossipee with the purchased material by the Mike Weeks/State Trail Bureau Supervisor and the help from Hobo RR, Dave Bowles, Mike Weeks and George Kaye has been repaired.

Beaver activity has been happening at ArchersSwamp again. At this time a trapper is working the issue at the site.

Trails in the Ossipee Section are in need of much trimming.

Barton’s/ Ryan Hill Trail have been successfully completed.

Wheeled Off Road Vehicle activity is still a problem on the Bowles Trail at Rte 113. Fish and Game has been notified again and will investigate again. The problem seems to be emanating from CandlePineVillage.

Boulders put in place at the trail entrance to block illegal entry have been moved.

A walk through the area with Will Farnum/Property Caretaker, Mitchell Gordon and George Kaye resulted with the permission to erect a gate at the trail head at rte 113.

Machine Maintenance is needed before the season gets underway. The Tucker is ready for a full fluid filters replacement. George priced out the cost at NAPA and the amount comes to 500.00.

The Prinoth is in need of 2 batteries. The cost will be about 125.00 each.

Discussion by Mitchell Gordon / Treas and the present board and members to approve the purchase of these maintenance items.

Motion made by President Christenbury to approve funds for machine maintenance. Mark Debitetto/ Motion to accept

Dave Bowles / 2nd Motion passes unanimous

George also mentions that the Federal RTP Grant Application will be available this month. The deadline for submission is not known at this time.

Tamworth/Wonalancet Section: Dave Bowles…

Ski-Doo SWT original battery needs to be replaced.

32’ bridge on Julie Daniels land is just about completed. Needs the rest of travel planks and curbs installed.

Dave and George rebuilt a water bar on the Bowles Cut-Off to alleviate the build up of water and ice in that section.

Dave plans to do bush hogging out on the Bowles Trail.

Effingham Section / Mark Galloway

Discussion of the bridge that is out on the Sappi Section of Old Rte 25.

Mark is going to try to talk to landowners to reestablish communication and permissions.

Discussion to try to get a handle on the OVSC’s intentions in the Effingham Section. More discussion to follow at the November meeting.

New Business:

Skip Christenbury wants to advertise the beginning of seasonal work parties. Plans to have a work party the 3rd weekend in October followed by a Burger and Dogs feed at the OVSC.

Discussion of where Dave would like that work crew to concentrate efforts that day. Bowles and Binsack are in need of brushing now.

Pres Christenbury would like to have the work parties be more of an event to spur interest. Also a discussion of having members be more aware of the monetary challenges of the club and if in person help is not available then to make donations to increase mechanical abilities of the club to do trail maintenance work.

Old Business:

New club trail maps are going to have gps coords. George Kaye has GPSed the whole trail system so now our map is an exact representation of where trail locations are.

George discussed how numbered intersections and numbered trails will help visiting riders navigate the system. Trail signs with names will remain but will also have the numbering system installed.

Mitchell Gordon reports that 30 of the 60 map ad spaces have been sold.

Doug Barron Food Trailer discussion. It is agreed that the OVSC does not want the trailer to be located at the Canoe King business if it is just going to sit there and be an eyesore. Discussion if interest remains with members Dave and Randy to be the Concession Committee Leaders.

Discussion of NHSA Super Raffle ticket sales. George Kaye discusses the value to the club for selling 25 tickets.

Discussion of when to hold a Pre Christmas OVSC Dinner and General Membership Meeting. Mitchell Gordon will attempt to get the South Tamworth Union Hall for December 14th.

Discussion of when to hold the Snowmobile Safety Class.

Skip Christenbury and members discuss the Snowmobile Safety Class should be held during the day December 14th followed by the OVSC Dinner and General Membership Meeting. All agree to the idea.

OVSC Annual Snowmobile/ATV Swapmeet discussion. Ad to be placed in the Sno Traveler. The date of the event will be

Saturday November 30, 2013, 9:00am to 3:00pm at Canoe King of N.E.

Fred Watson/Motion to Adjourn

George Kaye 2nd Unanimous

Meeting Adjourned 7:15

Snowmobile Trails in Tamworth, Ossipee, Sandwich and Effingham NH


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