Minutes of Meeting

January 3, 2015

  1. Roll Call and Members Present: George Kaye, Marie Kaye, Mitch Gordon, Dave Bowles, Randi Monroe, David Sweeney, Jean Kirby, Steve Ellis,  Josh White, Fred Watson, Joyce Watson, Mark Debitetto, Nancy Debitetto
  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m.


  1. President’s Remarks: George said that his remarks would be discussed in other parts of the meeting.  In the meantime, we should all hope for snow!

4:  Secretary’s Report: Copies of the minutes of the December meeting were distributed and reviewed.  The minutes were accepted as presented on a motion by Fred Watson, seconded by Mark Debitetto.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Mitch distributed the treasurer’s report.  In reviewing highlights of the report, he noted that we had been reimbursed by the state for the cutter bar and the summer grant in aid, but we are still waiting for a payment of more than $10,000.  When received, this will be used toward paying down the line of credit.  The report was accepted on a motion by Randi Monroe, seconded by Mark Debitetto.
  1. Trail Administrator’s Report: Mark Debitetto expressed his thanks to George Kaye and Dave Bowles for their help with the RTP and GIA.  He said the process has become much more difficult than in the past.

We have been approved for the same dollar amount for winter Grant In Aid as last year.  The 2015 RTP has been submitted for approximately $14,000 for re-decking bridges and putting up one new steel bridge.  The money is all for material.

  1. Trail Maters Reports:

Tamworth:  Dave Bowles said he has done a lot of clearing of dead branches and blowdown, and that there will probably be more when we can get out to groom.  Most of the gates in his area are still closed.

Ossipee:  George cleared blowdown on Corridor 19 from the Grainery to Canoe King, but still needs to go north from there.  This will be done when the groomers can go out.  Both groomers are ready to roll.  The cutter bar has been installed – thanks go out to Fred and Mitch for their help.  The cutter bar should not be used at night until people get used to it.  Dave Bowles commented that it would be nice to have someone follow on a machine to pick up the brush as we go.

Effingham:  In Mark’s absence, George reported that Mark did some trimming, but more needs to be done.  This is the first time he has been out there in a while.  The bridge turned out great.  We had a lot of help thanks to Mark’s efforts in recruiting people.

Mark Debitetto said he has some I-beams left over from removal of a pool.  He offered them to the club for use on bridges.  The issue is transporting them.  Several ideas were suggested, but nothing definite was decided.

  1. Membership: Marie Kaye reported that we have about 250 members so far this season, which is about on a par with last year.
  1. Old Business:

Maps:  Mitch said that the maps are done and being printed.

Raffle Tickets:  We have sold all of the raffle tickets, which will now be turned in the NHSA for the drawing in January.

Poker Run:  The following items were discussed:

  • Prize money – Half of what we take in will go to the Club. The other half will be divided among the top three winners: 50% for first prize, 30% for second prize, and 20% for third prize.
  • Each participant will be dealt 5 cards.  After shuffling the deck, the person will cut the cards, and then will be dealt five cards from the top of the deck.
  • It will not be necessary to complete all five stops on the poker run in order to qualify for a hand.
  • People can buy more than one hand, but cards from multiple hands cannot be merged or mixed.
  • People cannot buy just one card.
  • An index card will be filled out for each participant when they pay. (A separate card will be filled out for each hand they buy.) Cards must be filled out clearly so we have accurate contact information.
  • People do not have to be present to win. However, if we call a winner and they don’t return the call within 24 hours, the money will go back to OVSC.
  • We will print out maps of the section of our trails where the poker run will take place.
  • Trail conditions permitting, we will go all the way to Whiteface.
  • Coffee and sodas will be available at Canoe King.George will give Skip updated info on the Poker Run for the web site. Also, posters are being put up in various businesses, post offices, etc.10. New Business:  
  • 11. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m. on a motion by Fred Watson, seconded by Josh White.
  • Club Rides: Mitch said that he is often asked if we do any club rides. We have tried this in the past with limited success, but it is not out of the question.
  • Groomer Rodeo: George reminded people that the Groomer Rodeo will be held on February 13 and 14 at White Lake State Park. We were asked if we wanted to serve food there, but it was unanimously agreed that we are not interested in doing so.
  • Sled Dog Races: Dave Bowles said that the Chocorua Lake Sled Dog Races are scheduled for January 31 and February 1. The Sandwich race will be held on February 14, and the Wonalancet Fun Race will be on March 7 and 8.
  • Landowner’s Permission Slips: Mitch pointed out that we are still waiting for a signed permission slip from Dave Little. Several people have tried to contact him, by phone and by e-mail, but we have not had any response. Dave Bowles said that he will be seeing him next week, and will talk to him then.
  • Registration Stickers: Next year’s registration stickers will be half the size of the current ones. It is estimated that this will save the state $20 to $30,000 in printing costs.
  • GIA and RTP: More new rules are coming out regarding the clubs’ equity in equipment. Clubs cannot buy a new groomer with grant money unless their groomers have been refurbished at least once. The state will pay up to 80% of the cost of refurbishment.
  • Grass Drags: George noted that the Grass Drags were very successful this year, noting that the committee that is now running the drags is doing a fantastic job.
  • County Basket: Each year at the Ride-in each county donates a “basket” of some sort, which is auctioned off. Last year our county donated a basket of gift certificates and gift cards from local businesses. We will be doing the same this again this year.
  • Annual Meeting: The annual meeting used to be at the Union Hall, which is closed. George suggested having it at Sunny Villa. We can do a meal, and have the use of the room. People will be asked to RSVP so we can provide Sunny Villa with a count.
  • On a motion by Mark Debitetto, seconded by Randi Monroe, the next board meeting has been rescheduled for February 14.
  • Next Meeting:   Because George and Marie will be going to the Easter Seal Ride-in on the weekend of February 7, George asked to have the February meeting moved to February 14th. At that time, we need to appoint a Nominating Committee for the election in March. The Vice President and Secretary positions are both vacant, plus all other board members’ terms expire this year.

Minutes of Meeting

December 6, 2014

  1. Roll Call and Members Present:

George Kaye, Marie Kaye, Mitchell Gordon, Josh White, Fred Watson, Randi Monroe, David Sweeney, Dave Bowles and Betty Bowles

  1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m.

  1. President’s Remarks:

George thanked Randi Monroe, David Sweeney, and Marie Kaye for their work at the Grass Drags.  The hours they put in, along with the hours George worked before and during the event, brought in more than $1,500.  Hopefully we will be able to increase participation next year, as this is a great fund raiser for the club.

The Swap Meet went fairly well.  There was less turn-out than expected, most likely due to the cold and the icy weather conditions.  We presented a trophy for best-in-show and one for peoples’ choice for vintage sleds.  We also had hot food and beverages available.  Thanks go out to the Yankee Smokehouse for their fabulous chili.  There were some suggestions for improving the event next year, including more advance advertising.

  1. Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary’s Report was accepted on a motion by Fred Watson, seconded by Randi Monroe.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Mitch Gordon reviewed the financial report for the month, highlighting the money due from the state for grants that have been completed.  A payment was made on the groomer, leaving us with two more payments.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted on a motion by Fred Watson, seconded by Randi Monroe.

  1. Trail Administrator’s report:

George reported for Mark  Debitetto who was not in attendance due to bad weather.  The winter Grant in Aid has been approved and will require signatures.  The 2015 RTP was delivered to Concord.  We won’t know whether or not it will be funded until January or February.  Dave Bowles submitted a grant for one new bridge and travel planks on four existing bridges.

  1. Trail Masters Reports:

Tamworth:  Dave Bowles mailed in documentation for 100% completion of this year’s RTP.  He noted that short sections of the Great Hill Trail and the Whiteface Trail still need clearing, due to the large amount of blowdown after the storms.  He still needs to put up signs in the National Forest, on the Bowles Trail, and on the Whiteface Trail.

Ossipee:  George Kaye noted that he still has a few signs to put out, and needs to check for blow downs.  The cutter bar has been mounted on the blue drag.  He still needs to put knife blades on and adjust the cutters.  The bills will be submitted to the state.  We successfully made the match through labor and the purchase of hydraulic hoses that were needed.



Effingham:  George reported for Mark Galloway, who was not present.  The Sappi Bridge has been installed.  The new bridge was redesigned to use steel beams spanning from bank-to-bank.  Since we had the steel beams, this significantly reduced costs and contributed to the match.  Mark got a crew together to do the work.  There were four people on Friday and nine people on Saturday.  They also had to build an approach at each end, hauling in gravel to fill in and make a ramp.  George noted that we had a call from English Camp Ground requesting signs to direct snowmobilers through the campground.  Mark G. took care of this.

  1. Membership Report:

Marie reported that we have 164 members to date, and Pay Pal is working very well.  In answer to a question from Dave Bowles, she said that last year’s membership was about 500.

  1. Old Business:

The landowners appreciation dinner went very well.  The food was excellent and plentiful

We still have eight raffle tickets to sell, and hope to get this done by the deadline.

Mitch has received the first proof of the new trail maps and will be reviewing it with the printer.

Twenty-one young people, accompanied by adults, attended the safety seminar.  It was an excellent class in spite of the weather.

Both groomers are serviced and ready to go.

  1. New Business:

In an attempt to raise some funds, George suggested holding a poker run this winter.  After a discussion of how it should be organized, it was agreed that Randi Monroe would head this up, assisted by Marie Kaye.  The board agreed on the date of Saturday, January 17, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m.  This is Martin Luther King weekend.   Posters will be put up in the community and it will be advertised in the Laker, the Sun, the Weirs Times and the Sno Traveler as well as on our web site and facebook page.

George said that the clubs in the county will be putting together a basket for the Easter Seal Ride-in in February.  The basket will contain gift certificates and gift cards from local business, as this was successful last year.

  1. Adjournment:

The meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m. on a motion by Fred Watson and Dave Bowles, seconded by Randi Monroe.


NOVEMBER 1, 2014

Attendance: George Kaye, Marie Kaye, Mitchell Gordon, Fred Watson, Josh White, Dave Bowles

The meeting was called to order at 5:00. The minutes of the October Meeting were accepted on a motion by Fred Watson, seconded by Josh White.

George welcomed those in attendance and said that he would keep his remarks to a minimum.

Treasurer’s report: Mitch reviewed the club’s financial status since the last meeting, noting that we have $1,118 due from RTP reimbursement. We have a groomer payment due on November 23.  Memberships continue at a steady pace, with 114 members paid so far this year.

Trail Administrator’s Report:  Since Mark Debitetto is currently in Florida, George presented the Trail Administrator’s report.  The winter Grant in Aid request has gone in, and we are waiting for results from the state.  We are currently working on the RTP for 2015, which has to be in by November 14, a month earlier than in the past.  Mark will be back before the due date.  The cutter bar is in and ready to be picked up.  We have requested an advance from the state, but they are looking for documentation that it was made in America.  George reviewed the many steps he has taken to document that the cutter bar was made in the US, and hopefully we will get a final decision from the state early next week.  In the meantime, the bar will be delivered to the Trailmasters meeting, where George will pick it up.  We will use the line of credit to pay for it until the state releases the funds.   Finally, George noted that the state has asked us to put in a grant to replace planks on five bridges on Corridor 19.  One bridge alone will cost about $5,000.

Trailmasters Reports:

Tamworth: Dave Bowles noted that we have installed two of the bridges received from Club Motorsports. Dave has been working on the 2015 RTP Grant, which will include a new 12’ X 30’ steel bridge to replace the old 6’ X 24’ bridge, as well as wear planks for five 10’ wide bridges on the Bowles, Bowles Cut-Off and Wonalancet Loop Trails.  The paper work is done; we are just waiting for pictures. Thursday George and Dave put up signs along the tracks and cleared up some blowdowns.

Ossipee: George said that on Monday and Tuesday he and Dave Bowles worked with the state, including Josh and Frank, to repair five bridges on Corridor 19.  While working on the bridges, it was found that several of the supports are rotted away.  One has been repaired, but there are still 6  more to repair.  George and Dave put up the signs from Silver Lake Railroad to the by-pass, and George and Josh put up snow fencing at Silver Lake Railroad.  We are ready for snow!

Effingham: Mark Galloway is away.  The Sappi Bridge work is still unresolved.  This is up to Mark; if not done by spring, we will have to return the money to the state.

Old Business:

Maps: Mitch noted that 44 ads have been sold for the maps, and reported on the status of ads that are still outstanding.  The maps are going to the printer on Monday.

Landowner’s Appreciation Dinner: We have 17 landowners who will be attending the dinner, and 14 club members, for a total of 31.

Swap Meet: Plans are underway for the Swap Meet on November 29, but we will need help with the food.  Mitch will help organize the food, and we will get an urn for coffee.

New Business:

Raffle Tickets have arrived and are available for sale.

Marie Kaye wrote thank you letters to Club Motorsports and to the electrician for donations to the club.

George is getting ready to service the groomers, and has ordered the necessary filters.

Dave Asked about the super wide track, and it was agreed that Mark Galloway will be asked to go to Dave’s house and go over it.

George stated that we still have trails that need to be brushed out. He just did some mowing along Corridor 19, but there is a lot more to be done.  The state is mowing Corridor 19 north from Rte. 16.

The meeting adjourned at 5:25 on a motion by Dave Bowles, seconded by Fred Watson.

General Meeting Minutes for October 4th, 2014

Attendance: George Kaye, Mitch Gordon, Mark Fournier, David Sweeny, Randi Monroe, Fred Watson, Dave Bowles, Mark Galloway, Mark Debitetto, Nancy  Debitetto, Marie Kaye

The meeting was called to Order at 5:10 p.m.

George reviewed the events of the past summer, including the Skip Christenbury’s resignation as President and George’s appointment as acting President, a position he will hold until the next general election in March of 2015.

He reviewed the progress on the GIA we received to do bridge work, noting that three bridges have new travel planks installed on the Bowles Trail, and three more have been re-decked from the RTP Grant.

He also reviewed the work done under the RTP Grant, which covers work on the Bowles Trail and the Effingham Trail. The work on Gardner Hill is partially done, but we are still waiting for the contractor to spread several hundred yards of stone.

We also received funding through an RTP to buy a cutter bar for the blue drag to be used on the trails in the western side of our system. It will not be used on the rail bed.

Club Motor Sports donated five bridges to the Club. All five have been moved – two are already in place.  The first is in Wonalancet, and will allow for the big groomers to work in that area.  The other is on the Bowles Cut-Off.  It was suggested that we send a letter to Club Motor Sports thanking them for the donation.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary’s Report from the last general meeting was accepted on a motion by Fred Watson, seconded by Marie Kaye.

Treasurer’s Report:

Mitch reviewed the financial report, noting that there will be a groomer payment due on November 23. Donations are coming in at a good pace. Dave Bowles asked for clarification on line #15010 of the report, and it was clarified that this refers to the Tucker.

The report was accepted on a motion by Randi Monroe, seconded by Fred Watson.

Trail Administrator’s Report:

Mark Debitetto noted that we are putting in the paperwork for the Grant In Aid, for the same amount as last year. We are also in the process of applying for the RTP, which used to be due in January, but is now due in November.  Dave Bowles will get the necessary information to Mitch, who will send it to Mark.  The grant application will be hand-delivered.

We are required to do an environmental impact statement, which must include a description of how we access the work site with material. Dave Bowles will put this together for Mark.  It was also noted that we need to certify that materials and equipment purchased with grant money must be certified that it came from the US. This includes any steel purchased through the grant.  Multi-use trails get priority for funding, and they also want pictures of the site.

Tamworth: Dave Bowles:

Dave noted that there are two areas that really need brushing out to widen the trails. He also has snow fence to put up.

Ossipee: George Kaye:

George said that there are three bridges on Corridor 19 that need extensive work. The state will get the material and help with the work, but they are looking for help from us.  All three bridges need approach ramps, one needs decking.

and rails. The state wants to replace wear planks that have disintegrated with pressure treated planks.  George said that he would be willing to help, but this work will probably be done during the week, making it hard to get additional help.

The snow fence at Silver Lake Railroad will need to be put up around the end of November.

Effingham: Mark Galloway:

Mark said that he had just gotten a permission slip from one landowner, but the Sappi project may have to wait until next year as he has very little time and is having trouble getting people this fall. George and Dave described the work that needs to be done, and said that with help, it could be completed in 4 – 5 days, or two weekends.  Mark agreed to talk to Richard Buswell and see if he can get some people together.  However, Mark will be out of town until mid-November.

Regarding the trail that a landowner had relocated (on his own property), this trail needs to be GPS’d for the new map. Mark pointed out that the landowner is very supportive of the club.

Mark said that he will also need to put up some snow fencing.

Old Business:

Maps:  Mitch reported that 40 out of 60 ads have been sold, and we are moving forward with the maps.  In answer to a question from Fred Watson, it was agreed that the target date for sending the maps to the printer will be October 31.

Landowner Appreciation Dinner:  The dinner is scheduled for November 8 at Sunny Villa and is open to any Club member.  We will pay for the landowner and one guest; club members will pay $25.00 per person.   The meal will be an array of Italian food, served family style.  There will be an announcement on FaceBook and on our website.

Donation:  Mitch noted that the electrician who performed electrical work on the building two years ago has donated this work to the club.  The charge for the work would have been $600.00

New Business:

Super Raffle:  Raffle tickets are now available for the 2015 Super Raffle, which will be drawn in January.  Tickets are $20.00 each.  We hope to have the sled here for the Swap Meet, as this was a very successful strategy last year.  We sold all of our allotted tickets last year, and the club received $500.00 as a result.

Swap Meet:  The Swap Meet is scheduled for November 29.  Food and beverages will be available.  There will also be a vintage sled show.  Mark Fournier will get copies of a flyer to George to distribute at the Grass Drags.  It will also be posted on the website and FaceBook.  In past years we have also placed an ad in the Sno-Traveler.  Marie Kaye will contact Gail at NHSA regarding this, and also ask to have it included on the Calendar of Events in the Sno-Traveler.

Trailmasters’ Meeting: The Trailmasters’ Meeting will be November 8th at the Attitash Grand.

Groomer Rodeo: The Groomer Rodeo will be held at White Lake State Park on Valentine’s Day Weekend. There was a discussion of whether or not we want to do some kind of fundraiser.  George will talk to Mike Weeks about it.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m. on a motion by Fred Watson, seconded by Dave Bowles.

Snowmobile Trails in Tamworth, Ossipee, Sandwich and Effingham NH


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