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What a beautiful spring and summer we have enjoyed this year, but summer is now past the half way point and it is time we start gearing up for the upcoming snowmobiling season!

Much has happened during our short off season. Chief among  the highlights was the successful OVSC Fishing Derby held this past June and the continuing progress on the Club’s groomer barn and future clubhouse behind the Canoe King.

By the time you read this newsletter late summer and early fall trail work parties will have begun to be organized.  As always we ask that you keep an eye to the Club’s website at  for the latest news and announcements regarding upcoming work parties.

What can you do immediately to help the Club prepare for the upcoming season? Why join the Club as soon as possible! Early memberships improve the Club’s cash flow and make it easier for us to budget for the upcoming season. You can always wait until a later date to register your sleds but early registrants really help the Club’s financial situation especially early in the season. And always remember, an additional donation to the groomer fund ensures that we can help keep some of the best trails located in the Lakes & White Mountains region at their best!

We also have a major announcement  to make in regards to next year’s annual New Hampshire Snowmobile Association’s Annual Meeting. In a partnership with out good friends next door at the Scrub Oak Scramblers, we will be co-hosting next year’s important annual event right here in OVSC/SOS country! Plans and details are still in the early stages, but the event will be held on May 21, 2011. While the business meeting encompasses about half of a day that Saturday, we are hoping to work with area merchants to make this a full weekend event for those looking to spend some extra time here. Once again details will be posted on the OVSC and SOS websites as plans come together.  We will definitely be looking for extra volunteers to help out as the event approaches.

Speaking of fundraising, are there any of you folks out there in the Rockingham County area interested in working at the upcoming Gras Drags in Fremont in October? This would be an excellent opportunity for us to get involved in the great event while raising extra funds for our Club. If interested drop us a note via the Club’s website.

Finally we are hoping for a cold and snowy winter. It’s been a couple of tough winters up here, and we need all the help we can get to keep our groomers fueled and the trails smooth.  The key to keeping our Club vibrant is a steady crew of volunteers and a well stuffed grooming jar. Any help you can give, whether it be a few hours or just a few dollars, will help keep the Club in it’s goal to present the best trails possible in our area.

Hope to see you all on the trails soon, and as always we invite and enjoy all our members to come to a Club meeting this fall & winter!

Membership Cards are in!

We have received 2010/2011 membership cards from the great folks at the NHSA. Got a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? Remember, the earlier you join the more you help your us out getting our trails ready for the upcoming season! Stop by the Canoe King or join on-line today.


Thanks for your support!

Spring 2010

Thanks to everyone for their support during this past “too short” season. Once mud season is over and the ground dries out we will be embarking on a number of bridge and trail projects over the coming summer and early fall. Check back on occasion for updates on our progress during the off season. See you all on the trails in just a few months away!



For those of you seeking possibly the last weekend of riding, here is a special update:

From BOT, Corridors 15 & 19 are closing today. However, White Lake State Park will remain open for the time being, if you need a quick ride to burn the edge off!

BOT personnel also report that there is rideable snow if you are willing to trailer over to Sandwich or Bear Notch.

Trail reports have now been suspended for the OVSC until next season. While our trails remain open and there is still rideable snow in the upper elevations, be aware that there are numerous blowdowns throughout our sysytem that will not be cleared until later this summer or early fall.

If you are willing to trailer up to the Hemenway you can get in a number of good miles riding the Hemenway & James Pond loops.

Regardless of where you trailer to be aware that you will be encountering extreme spring/late season conditions this weekend.

Looking at the long range forecasts this will probably be the last weekend for what’s left in the OVSC.

Thanks again for everyone who rode or contributed to the OVSC thois past season…. :good:

LAST REMIDER: Last General Membership meeting of this season tomorrow (Saturday March 6th) night at 5:00 PM sharp at Club Headquarters at the Canoe King on Route 16 in Tamworth, NH.

The Fat Lady has begun her tune…


The beginning of the end is upon us, way too early this year. We will begin shutting the gates on Corridor 19 tomorrow and probably will begin the shutdown of the rest of our trails this weekend.  There are still numerous blowdowns that need to be cleared, uncounted waterbars and no grooming has taken place since late January. If you want to ride this weekend we recommend you trailer to northern NH, as riding is near impossible within our trail system.

REMINDER: The last OVSC General Membership meeting of this season is Saturday night at 5:00 PM sharp at the Canoe King!

Trail Report from President Bowles


Dave Bowles ventured out into the upper elevations from his trailside home in Wonalancet. Dave reports numerous trees down, branches and debris blocking the mile or so he was able to travel before calling it quits. He reports that there is new snow in the trail openings, but woodland areas received no new appreciable snow cover. We warn anyone that ventures out onto the system this weekend to be prepared for waterbars, washouts and numerous blowdowns. If you have to ride, please bring a saw to help clear the trails! Suffice to say conditions are extreme spring like with much storm damage. Obviously grooming remains suspended under these conditions…..

Snow & Rain


We received several inches of heavy wet snow overnight, not the 10 to 18 inches predicted by the local news station. Our main concern is predictions for heavy rain, up to four inches, predicted for Thursday night into Friday. This type of weather event would devastate what is left for snow on our trail system. Right now we are sitting back and waiting to see what hand Mother Nature will deal us over the next 48 hours.

FLASH UPDATE: Richard has had to close the southern trail system due to poor conditions and potential flooding. Trail Conditions page updated accordingly!

New snow mostly gone….


The new snow that fell Tuesday is gone, a combination of warm temps, direct sunlight and yesterday’s riders. Unfortunatlely we have large stretches of trail that have lost the base and are now down to gravel or mud. Corridor 19 has many exposed rails, ties and switches. We caution anyone that ventures out on our trails, especially in the lower elevations, to keep a sharp watch for many exposed hazards. The problem we face this late in the seaon is that even with a substantial snowfall, we have no base in many places in order to help pack down a solid trail system. We will keep our eyes to the sky and work with whatever mother nature deal us over the next few weeks!

Snowmobile Trails in Tamworth, Ossipee, Sandwich and Effingham NH


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